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Product SummarySGO Bevelled Glass

Bevelled Glass

What it is:
4mm shaped and polished glass facets. Hand-crafted and bonded to the glass with an optically clear resin.

Ideal for entrance doors, side-panels and windows.

All SGO products carry a full ten year warranty. Beware of imitations or copies, there is no substitute for genuine SGO hand-crafted products.

UV stability:
Tested to BS3415 to withstand fading in sunlight.

All materials are exclusive to SGO and have been tested to meet the conditions laid down to BS5713 and BSEN1279 for sealed unit manufacture

Tests have been carried out to simulate 10 years normal cleaning with no adverse affects

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SGO Bevelled Glass

bevelled glassThe Diamond Bevelled range comprises patterns with combinations of individual pieces of bevelled glass. Each piece is bonded to the glass surface giving a stunning three dimensional effect that can if required be combined with SGO colour.

The SGO (Stained Glass Designs) family of Bevelled Glass products are available in a wide range of styles and colours, contact us for full details.


From initial concept a detailed drawing is prepared using SGO's exclusive computer aided design package. The design is then presented to the client for approval prior to manufacture thus ensuring that every detail is to the customerís satisfaction upon completion of the project.

SGO designers have at their disposal an extensive range of products with which to create stunning decorative glass.

SGO Studios have undertaken work throughout the UK for many major architects practices, builders, breweries and retailers as it is of particular application in commercial buildings where colour, visual display and good design are desired features.

hand crafted manufacture