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Product SummarySGO Brilliant cut  Glass

Brilliant Cut Glass

What it is:
Diamond cut detail.

All SGO products carry a full ten year warranty. Beware of imitations or copies, there is no substitute for genuine SGO products.

All materials are exclusive to SGO and have been tested to meet the conditions laid down to BS5713 and BSEN1279 for sealed unit manufacture

Tests have been carried out to simulate 10 years normal cleaning with no adverse affects

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SGO Brilliant Cut Glass

SGO Brilliant Cut Glass is created by diamond cutting beautifully detailed yet simple designs on glass. Besides the obvious feel of quality and ambience brilliant cutting will give to your home, being on the internal face of the sealed unit, it will require no special cleaning. The design is permanently etched into the glass.

brilliant cut glass in a conservatory

A multitude of designs are possible, please contact us for full details


Brilliant Cut is produced by specialist glass processing machinery. A high speed diamond tipped cutting wheel machines a V shaped groove into the glass creating a striking 3 dimensional cut glass effect.

SGO (Stained Glass Design) Studios have undertaken work throughout the UK for many major architects practices, builders, breweries and retailers as it is of particular application in commercial buildings where colour, visual display and good design are desired features.

hand crafted manufacture