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applications of SGO


coloured glass door picColour, lead and glass. Hand-crafted to effect the chosen design

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Bevelled Glass

bevelled glass window picShaped and polished glass facets. Hand-crafted and bonded to the glass with an optically clear resin

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Brilliant Cut Glass

brilliant cut glass window picCreated by diamond cutting beautifully detailed yet simple designs on clear glass.

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Fused Glass

fused glass window picColour is introduced to molten glass to produce tiles that are then affixed to glass.

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SGO in use - Doors

Decorative glass from SGO (Stained Glass Designs) is particularly suited to doors and side panels.

Door with plain glassRolling your mouse over the thumbnail images to the right will change the glass in the plain door to demonstrate the stunning transforming effect.

Whether a modern style or one that echoes traditional stained glass, SGO can supply tailored designs for your requirements.

Whether working from an initial brief or in consultation with an architect or designer SGO, through its network of studios throughout the UK, is able to undertake a complete designer glass project from start to finish.

From initial concept a detailed drawing is prepared of the window design using SGO's exclusive computer aided design package. The design is then presented to the client for approval prior to manufacture thus ensuring that every detail is to the customerís satisfaction upon completion of the project.